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Transform your work vehicle into the ultimate way to advertise and impress. Whether you’re looking for tray signage, cab signage or something custom, we have a range of options for your ute.

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The cost for signage on a ute can be from $240 – $550 for some decals, and $1,500 – $5,000 for a wrap.
It is entirely dependent on what you want and whether your ute is a tray back or style side, so it’s recommended to get a free, custom quote from Electro Cut Signs. 

The best way to increase the longevity of a wrap and any sticker is to look after it. Keeping the vehicle out of the sun and washed regularly will increase the lifespan of the vinyl.
But even if this is not possible, signage will last 5 – 11 years depending on the vinyl used and whether the sticker is on a horizontal or vertical surface.

It is dependent on the scale of the work, but you can expect your job to be done within 4 – 7 days after the artwork has been approved.
If we are wrapping the vehicle, we will need the vehicle for a day or two to complete the wrap.

Vinyl will not damage factory or high quality paint.

Of course! If you have had a graphic designer or someone knowledgable to design your artwork, we should be able to use it.

We can work with most vector files. Some examples are .eps, .ai and some .pdf files. High-quality pictures will most likely work as well.

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